Camp Life and What to Bring: 

Whether you are a first-time camper, or a seasoned returnee, we know you are excited about the fun this summer will hold! To help, we have developed this list of what you need to bring. Years of experience in working with children have helped us to develop this list. We ask parents’ help in making sure that only appropriate items are brought to camp, so that all may enjoy their weeks in the beautiful, wooded, lakeside, rural atmosphere of St. Andrew’s.

Camp is an easy, relaxed lifestyle, where the peer pressures of city and suburbs are pushed aside as much as possible. We encourage campers to enjoy their God-given physical attributes and talents, and not spend too much time on makeup, hair styling, and the like. We encourage campers to get outside in God’s beautiful world and run, play, swim, garden, and hike, without too much attention to fashion and style. To that end, we have created these guidelines for apparel:

  • Easy to wash-and-wear clothing is the norm.
  • Weather fluctuates; with mornings that can be cool, days that are hot and humid, and evenings that can be either. It is appropriate to send your camper ready to dress in layers: sweatshirts or fleece for the mornings, and lighter cotton clothes for the afternoons. Do not send expensive clothing to camp. Send clothing that can be played in, can get dirty, and that will wash well.
  • Please pack lightly, but appropriately. Drawer and storage space is limited.  Boys will have a footlocker for storage; girls will only have two drawers.
  • The bottom of beautiful Oneida Lake can be shelly and rocky.  Please send appropriate water shoes.

Swimsuits should be modest and appropriate for swimming and water activities; not just sunbathing.

  • Clothes are washed weekly for those staying at camp for more than a week. Please label all clothing. Laundry is done in individual camper batches, and is NOT separated by color. Each camper needs a marked laundry bag, with marked clothing. This is extremely important to avoid losing clothes.
  • A $15.00 charge to mark clothing will be made if campers arrive without marked laundry, or a laundry bag. Please help us use our staff time most efficiently by preparing these items in advance. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Clothing List:

We are at camp to have fun, and to show appropriateness in all aspects of Christian life. This includes our clothing. To that end:

  • No tee shirts with advertisements for beer, liquor, or drugs, or with sexual innuendo, or anything deemed inappropriate by staff. (If these come to camp, they will be held for you in the Camp Director’s office. We strongly encourage parents to monitor what children bring to camp.)
  • Remember, modest is hottest. No pants with words written across the rear, no low cut tops, tube tops, or shirts with risqué or mean sayings. (We reserve the right to hold clothing that is not appropriate for camp life until the camper leaves at the end of his/her session.)Saint Andrew’s Camp colors are hunter green and white. Camp tee shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase upon arrival. These look great with khaki shorts, pants, or jeans!
  • 8 short-sleeved tee shirts.
  • 4 pairs of long pants.
  • 4 sweatshirts or fleece shirts.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (you will miss this if you don’t have it when we get our summer downpours!)
  • For boys: 2 pairs dress pants for Liturgy, along with 2 shirts with a collar.  Polo shirts or button down shirts are fine.
  • 2 skirts or dresses for girls for Liturgy. No short, short dresses, or material that is overly clingy or low cut. Remember girls, we are going to God’s house to worship, and while it is appropriate to look nice, it is important to dress modestly too.
  • Swimsuits (1 or 2), appropriate for a church camp setting. Only one piece  suits are permitted for girls.  Swim trunks or jams are best for boys.
  • Warm pj’s (cold nights); lighter sleepwear (humid/hot ones)
  • Sneakers, closed-toed shoes, and water shoes. There are limited places to wear flip-flops due to insects, rocks, uneven ground, and other safety issues. Camp grass is very WET in the morning on the way to Chapel and breakfast. Consider bringing a few pairs of shoes if possible, so one can dry while you are wearing the other.
  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries. (Note: all medicines must be checked in by parents, and locked down by the Camp Nurse. Medicines include aspirin, cold medicines, Tylenol, vitmins etc.  Campers may NOT keep these in their possession)
  • Pillow and pillowcase.
  • BEDDING: For Girls: Twin bed sheets and/or sleeping bag and/or blanket.  Some evenings can be chilly. BOYS MUST BRING SLEEPING BAGS!
  • Stuffed animals or other stuffed friend to cuddle with (for our younger campers, and older ones too!)
  • Playing cards, books to read and share, stationery, autograph books, small board games that you can keep in your room or bunk area.
  • Hat  to cover your face from the sun; sunscreen and insect repellant.
  • Don’t forget you are packing for the country—your high heels and really good shoes and clothes will only get ruined here! Besides, you’ll be having too much fun to wear them—leave them at home!


What NOT to Bring:

Because our program is geared to helping campers focus on their relationship with peers, and to grow in their relationship with staff, friends, and with God, we ask that all personal electronic gear  and cell phones be left at home. We believe that using electronics at camp can become an isolating distraction. Don’t worry campers—we love music at St. Andrew’s, and we sing and dance and listen to music all the time. We just try to do it together! There is nothing like singing around a campfire, or dancing to a live band together! We even have an occasional movie night, and of course you’ll sing at Church with us, even if you think your voice isn’t the greatest.

But please leave these items at home, and you’ll be surprised at how little you’ll miss them when you are outside enjoying camp life:

  • Boom boxes
  • Cell phones (can be kept locked up in the office for calls home at the appropriate time with staff supervision)
  • Personal CD players and MP3 Players
  • Game boys and other video/computer games
  • Laptops
  • Clock radios (believe us, we’ll make sure you get up on time!)

Banned Items: 























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